Airport snow removal equipment restoration

What we do and how its done.

Heavy Equipment restoration and paint

Residential and Commercial  paint removal,

 Commercial or Private Marine anti fouling paint removal, 

Heavy Equipment, tractors and trailers.

Home siding and Log home siding  paint or stain removal.

automotive, frames, engine parts, and wheels or rims. 

Brick & Mortar clean to re point and seal or remove paint.

Granite, clean, etch and or provide texture. 

Concrete  exposing aggregate .

Glass or tile, stencil overlay and transpose  any  design. 

The applications continue to grow.  

The wide range of blasting media available allow us to tackle most any surface. Because of the patented Vapor Blast technology  by Graco, the dust is reduced by 92% in comparison to traditional sand blasting equipment. In addition some media offer the ability to polish and hone surfaces like motorcycle and engine parts.

Environmentally Friendly paint removal from residential and commercial structures, homes, log cabins and stick built.

paint removal

 Abrasive Vapor Blasting.  Minimal environmental impact  due to non-hazardous blast media utilization.  

Water reduces particulate matter and dust reducing the need to fully contain projects, in turn saving time and money. https://www.vaporblastingequipment.com/wet-blasting/what-wetblasting-guide-vapor-blasting-process

State-of-the-art equipment

Graco Eco Quip

 Patented"Vapor Blasting"  designed by Graco. The Eco Quip 2 model allows for adjustable media flow rates, variable air and water. It is even capable of just water and air for power washing and final clean up. For more information go to www.graco.com/ecoquip2

New addition to ATB

The EQM2

A much more portable yet powerful Vapor Blasting Unit, ideal for inside work.  

Faster Production Times with 2 units.

The EQM2 holds 8 55 lb bags of media which translates to hours of work time after initial setup up and will compliment the commercial unit reducing start-finish time for the larger projects.  

Marshal Point light 2018-2019.


In 2018 we were hired to remove all surface coatings, top to bottom including the granite underpinnings below the walkway out to the light, which came from a neighboring Island  ( The Brothers Island)  Then in 2019 we were back again to strip the stairway inside as well as the interior of the light.  One of the goals along with preservation included lead paint removal from the exterior and interior. 

 Light House Restoration
Light House Restoration

Uses and Pricing

Residential & Commercial paint removal.

  • We use crushed walnut shells, corn cob, and recycled bottle glass, garnet and other natural or recycled media  to safely and efficiently strip surfaces in a fraction of the time it takes to scrape or sand.  There are many other types of media available for  just about any type of material.  Glass bead and plastic bead create a honed polished finish  on steel and aluminum. 

Marine, wood, glass & aluminum or steel.

We have had great success in removing  Antifouling Coatings, High Build Epoxy, Barrier Coatings, and every day rust or marine growth  from all types of boats steel, aluminum, wood or fiberglass  adjusting the media and media flow rate  and the air pressure. The result being an ideal texture for a new coat that bonds well for the duration.  In many instances customers have found modest gains in cruising speed as well as reduced engine load and improved fuel economy just by removing old AF pant and creating a uniform smooth finish. 


Pricing paint and stain removal ( Residential & Commercial property or buildings ) are

based on square footage. From $3.00-$5.00/sq.ft.  & $4.00-$6/sq./ft. for lead paint. 

Residential abrasive cleaning ( decks, trim and bare siding ) Cleans weathered look, mold, or any discoloration.  $2-3 per square foot.  

In some cases project estimates may be calculated by time and materials. 

Marine hulls, boats sail & power are  from  12'-20' $30/ft, 20'-32' $40/ft,  32'-38' - $50/ft 

and 40' -' 55' $55/ft.